8 Fittest Female Celebs

8 Fittest Female Celebs



Hart of Dixie fame star is not a genuine gym buddy rather her bikini bod is all what you can ask for. Rachel said that the reason of her fitness is either dancing or playing some basic sport instead of hitting the gym.  Rachel feels isolated in the gym whereas she gets transferred into her happy space while playing with friends or doing yoga.


If the question is how Kidman rocks all the outfits at her carpet appearance then the answer surely lies in her toned biceps. Nicole has maintained the edge over her competitors just because her picks are brilliant with her well sculpted body. Kate prefers 15-minutes of rigorous arm-sculpting workout.


Friends fame actress has maintained it all with age via a special interval training. Her trainer, Michelle Lovitt is the biggest blessing she ever got as he himselves makes  cardio, elliptical, treadmill combinations for her. Her shaked up cardio might sound bizarre but its actually result oriented.



Jlo is the idle for “mommies to be”, they should start tracking her fitness regime to loose the pregnancy weight like a professional as she bounced back to her hot self after two babies. It’s all the job of her trainer Gunnar Peterson who has chalked a regime with weighted sumo squats, single-leg squats, and reverse lunges to front kicks. Here are Jennifer Lopez Diet Secrets


Madge who has been changing the way people look at women from the very beginning. Her well toned body speaks for everything. It’s popularly believed that she is so dedicated that she gets a  hydraulic yoga mat fit in everywhere she goes, be it a hotel room.Take a look at Madonna Complete Diet And Workout


One of those very fit singers who own the camera more than their actor friends. Nicole’s trainer, Adam Ernster brought her muscles into the picture and a large number of squats made them perfect and well chiselled. 


Known for her swimsuit stints in sports magazine, she started all this with a Tiring workout. All the focus lies on toning her abs, butts and legs using some unique martial-arts tips under the guidance of her trainer. Her regime helps her in burning huge mass of calories via kickboxing.



This star has grown over the years and learnt the optimum utilisation of her assets. Her efforts are basically well appreciated and she deserves kudos. During an interview with Women’s Health, she revealed that the combination of strength training, yoga, Pilates helps in further sclupting.


Mother of two, woman with amazing abs, she is not into hard core gyming, she rather prefers eating healthy, working out using simple cardio. The origin of her Workouts is nothing serious but playground and the entire process is enticing. 

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